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Eat Nachos and Make Stuff

There are three things that I really love to participate in: Designing and Crafting. The other one, is Nachos. NACHOS! I love nachos so much that I made a personal hashtag for when I’m creating. #eatnachosandmakestuff. This hashtag doesn’t require much explanation. The task at hand, is to eat nachos and then make all kinds…

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Kim’s Favorite Supplies: The 1.0 Beta List

I have an extreme love for art and office supplies. When I was a kid and my family would go shopping for school supplies, I always hoped to get a little something extra to add to my school box. I particularly loved those pens that have the push down tabs at the top where you…

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The Process is Good

Sometimes, I am so excited about the end product that I forget to enjoy the process to get there. A few weeks ago, I was working on a hand lettered painting (fyi, it’s the painting posted here…can’t believe I’m sharing it!). In my imagination, it was going to be a wonderful creation that I would…

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