Hello! My name is Kim. I'm a graphic designer who specializes in illustration, watercolor illustration and surface pattern design. I love to create and make, it is at the very core of who I am. The process of creating nothing into something beautiful is my goal with each piece I create. 


I believe in pursuing the gifts we were given. It would be such a waste to have a talent but never use it. It is my life's goal to make and create everyday. Whether it be watercolor or graphic design, knitting or photography, I strive to live out what was planted inside of my heart. 


Kim Epperson Designs is where I share my creativeness, my life and how that inspires my art work. 

My husband and I live in the heart of the midwest, in Indiana where we spend our summers planting our garden and our winters dreaming of summer! We love the outdoors, staying active and serving others.


Cheers to the gift that is in you!