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Breaking Away with Ramen

November 25, 2019 |

I had been telling Josh for a while that we should go out for his food of choice since we usually go out for what I like. I’m weird about my food sometimes. If I’m really hungry, I want to eat something that I’m sure to enjoy. But you can’t always count on your fallbacks. 

I’ve been thinking lately about how with certain things, I would rather remain comfortable rather than take a chance. I particularly do this with food. Tacos, nachos and burgers are probably my top favorites. Never would I choose Asian food for dinner, but that happened and I was pleasantly surprised!

We at at a place in downtown St. Petersburg called, Buya Ramen. We ordered the pork belly ramen: ramen noodles, egg and green onion. The server brought out some different oil/sauce options for flavoring the soupy portion. We also had the pork belly buns. Lots of pork but the favors were delicious and I was surprised at how much I liked it and that I was full. Josh and I split both dishes and I was thinking we would go get some nachos afterward, but my tummy was satisfied with all the favors ramen had to offer! 

What I learned from this experience: Give new things a chance! New foods can open up your world to more than just what you eat. It made me think about how I can be hesitant to step out of my comfortable routines. But as I get older, I am realizing that while it’s wonderful to enjoy my same olds, it doesn’t leave me any room for growth. I decided that I want to be more willing to try new things in life, and to not let fear lead the way. So what if I don’t like ramen? I don’t have to eat it again. But, what if I really love it? I can make it a point to find my favorite ramen place and I can learn how to make it at home. Now I’ve got something new added to my life, and it’s something that I can share with others. 

Is there something in your life that you shove off but in all honesty, never gave it a chance? Leave me some messages in the comments about how you have stepped out of your comfort zone and how that went, as well as if you know what you’d like to experience but haven’t yet.

Shuffleboard Adventure

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Eat Nachos and Make Stuff

November 14, 2017 |

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Kim’s Favorite Supplies: The 1.0 Beta List

November 4, 2017 |

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The Process is Good

November 1, 2017 |

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Illustrate Your Life!

October 28, 2017 |

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