There are three things that I really love to participate in: Designing and Crafting. The other one, is Nachos. NACHOS! I love nachos so much that I made a personal hashtag for when I’m creating. #eatnachosandmakestuff. This hashtag doesn’t require much explanation. The task at hand, is to eat nachos and then make all kinds of amazing stuff!

Snacks during design and craft time are a must!

Even though my choice in snacks varies, nachos is always my go to. What do you eat while you design? Am I the only one out here enjoying food and design at the same time? I hope not! Comment on your favorite snack to eat while you make stuff. If you’ve got a really good nacho recipe, I would love it if you would share it here too!

Check out my current favorite nacho recipe

Just an fyi, the recipe instructs us to use a bunt pan. It’s not necessary to use one if you don’t have one. I ended up preparing and baking my nachos in a rectangle pyrex. This recipe makes a huge amount too! Watch out! If you’re crafting alone, it may be wise to adjust the portions of each ingredient. Nachos are never good as left overs, because who likes mushy tortilla chips?

The moral of the story here my friends, is that eating food you love while creating makes doing what you love that much more wonderfully enjoyable. I know that nachos are messy, so take this pro tip and don’t eat over your design work. But, do eat nachos before, after or while creating…getting up to snack at the table and going back to your work. I love nachos so much that I had to make a hashtag to go with my designing and crafting. If you were going to make a fun hashtag for your design work, what would it be?

Enjoy your creative time with a dash of nachos!